Aysha Massell


Aysha has over 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture and water reuse systems. She started out working on an organic flower farm in Northern California, and continued as a permaculture practitioner in New Mexico. While sweating away in the high desert, she became fascinated with water in the arid West, and there started her life-long passion for water systems.

She worked on a range of greywater and rainwater systems in New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and California and then decided she wanted more academic training to deepen her understanding of water sustainability. She went back to school and graduated with an MS in Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley, with a focus on water quality and hydrology.

She continues to work on a range of  water related projects, including creek restoration projects and storm water management. Her recent professional experienceincludes hydrologic modeling,  regulatory permitting, workshops and trainings, and project management, including surveying, site assessment,  design, construction and monitoring. 

In addition to helpingbuild drought-resilient infrastructures utilizing rain water and grey water, Aysha is interested in developing solutions for equitable and sustainable access to safe drinking water in an increasingly water-scarce world.


Alfonso Jaramillo


Coming from a communication arts background, Poncho has over 19 years of experience working as a designer. He started his career by launching into private practice early on and co-founded iarte design in 1996, a cutting-edge communications studio that provided high level multidisciplinary design services to a wide range of philanthropic, academic and non-profit institutions. More recently, his work has encompassed design and installation of rainwater harvesting and graywater reuse systems. Poncho learned the ropes of ecological design as a worker-owner at Dig Cooperative and Designer/Foreman for Indra Designs, two of the Bay Area's leading water conservation firms. He attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and the California College of the Arts Graduate Design Program. Poncho is particularly interested in designing and building beautiful and resilient systems that maximize social and environmental value while safeguarding natural resources.

Scott Rector

Plumbing contractor

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