Long Term Drought

Paleoclimatology research (the study of long term climate patterns) indicates that California regularly experiences multi-year droughts, some lasting up to decades or even a century. According to some researchers like Dr. Lynn Ingram at UC Berkeley, the past 100 years have given wetter-than-average rainfall. During that time, California built a complex water infrastructure supporting many cities and farms. The historical pattern indicates that California may be headed into an extended period of drier-than-average rainfall. This, along with the predicted decrease in rainfall in California due to climate change, points to even less water in years to come. In order to continue to live in the arid West, we must alter our water infrastructure to adapt to long-term drought. Drought Smart was conceived to help implement the infrastructure changes necessary to establish water resilience in our homes, cities and farms.

seeking interesting projects

We are always on the lookout for clients who want to experiment with water reuse systems for the advancement of water reuse technology and the development of best management practices. We will offer a discount for folks who are willing to host cutting-edge applications of our ecological engineering experiments. These projects may include periodic testing of water quality, at no cost to you. All systems will conform to public health codes. Let us know if you are interested in being part of our research community.