Greywater Reuse

Greywater comes from the shower, bathroom sink, and washing machine. It can be an abundant source of irrigation water for your garden - gray water is produced in the household all year, it is already paid for, and it requires no storage devices. Not only is gray water legal in California, some systems will even qualify for a rebate from your water utility company. Drought Smart designs and installs cost-effective and code-compliant systems to provide irrigation for your landscape year-round.

Storm water management

Storm water is rainwater that reaches the ground and runs off the landscape. It is  a valuable resource but it can also present problems such as flooding and damage to foundations and underground structures. Drought Smart works to re-direct stormwater from problem areas and infiltrate it into the landscape. Drought Smart has experience in Low Impact Development (LID) techniques that are now mandated in many new development and redevelopment projects. We can help architects, contractors, and homeowners meet their storm water management requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater that normally flows into storm drains can be harvested and utilized both in the garden and inside your home. Rainwater can be captured in tanks and used to water your garden or fill your toilet and washing machine. Rainwater can also infiltrate into the  landscape via bioswales and rain gardens, and help to retain soil moisture and sustain life during extended dry periods. Rain water harvesting reduces the amount of storm water that enters the Bay and it cuts back on water bills.

Workshops and Trainings

Drought Smart offers hands-on design and installation workshops for organizations, municipalities and the do-it-yourself crowd. Learn to size and install rainwater harvesting systems and greywater systems. Get a group of friends together to help install your system. We offer design and permitting support for DIY-ers as well as contractors, architects, and other professionals in the building trades.

Drought smart landscaping

Drought Smart designs and installs gardens that are sustainable and resilient. We work with our clients to transform water-guzzling lawns and gardens into beautiful drought smart landscapes. We specialize in rain gardens and dry creeks that utilize storm water runoff and feature drought-tolerant California native plants. We also install efficient irrigation systems, pumps and controllers with the ultimate aim to reduce outdoor water use.