Why Drought Smart?

Drought Smart designs and builds affordable water harvesting and reuse systems that are grounded in common-sense and innovative whole systems thinking. Our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality service for our clients, with the long-term aim of encouraging society to adopt drought resilience solutions into our basic infrastructure. Although drought awareness is increasing, many water harvesting and reuse systems are still too complex and too expensive for widespread implementation. We feel that drought resilience belongs to everybody, regardless of income. Drought Smart specializes in water solutions for the everyday person, with the ultimate aim of preparing our society for long-term drought.

worker-owned California Cooperative Corporation

We believe that conducting business in an equitable and sustainable manner is a key component of building an ethical and resilient  society. As a worker-owned Cooperative Corporation, Drought Smart embodies the ecological, social, and business values that put workers and consumers at the forefront of ecological transformation by empowering ourselves through the practice of democratic and equitable business practices. At Drought Smart, we stand behind our product because the same folks that design and install the systems, own and make the decisions for the business.

inter-disciplinary Team

Drought Smart is a small company that is built on the inter-related talents of our members. We combine skills in engineering, design, plumbing, landscaping, and food systems. Outside of work, we are parents, musicians, artists and activists. With your help, we will grow and be able to add more members to our team.